About Us

Genii Group Founder and CEO Natasha Tyrrell is a ‘Social Entrepreneur’ and through her own life experiences from living and travelling around the world, through her observations, like others, has identified that the world is getting faster in terms of pace and lifestyle. It is therefore also more challenging for individuals and organisations to succeed and generally get through life's journey successfully and even survive in many cases.

Natasha’s passion is helping and supporting people and does that through finding and developing products and services to support people to get through everyday life, that may be at home, in the office or workplace,  whilst travelling with the family or whilst on the move in business or gifting ideas to name just a few categories.

We look for many products which are different in some way. The products we source are from around the world and we promote buying and manufacturing British products and services too to support our own UK economy and social enterprises too.

We help people through making life easier for them and promote them in creating their own personal successes through our products and services and in allowing them to feel personally rewarded.

Genii Group also supports social enterprises through its products on this site  through donating 2% of its annual profits to social enterprises in the UK, both locally and nationally.

We also help support people from around the world in learning new work skills too as we provide work experience, for example, through schools and universities and in communities for different demographics of people.  This helps people in gaining practical and academic experience about business and aids them in supporting themselves on a long term basis.

We often use technology within our products to link them to other items that businesses and people use in everyday life too, this helps keep things simple and aids a lifestyle ‘on the move.  We collaborate with a number of UK businesses which help us develop technology for our products and manufacturers which help us place prototypes into reality.

We also support retailers in selling them our patented products to help them support society and people too, this way we can spread support and importantly add to our social enterprise funding scheme too and give retailers the opportunity to contribute to those too.  We are launching a new page shortly on this site which will detail our retail partners.

We believe in supporting people everywhere and as such are very careful to map back in our supply chain to ensure that we are getting our products from sustainable sources.

We buy from all around the world and especially focus on poorer areas to help them grow their local economies and earn a living.

We have strict quality control practices and processes in place to ensure that products are of excellent standard, that they will be long lasting and fit for purpose.

We hope that you enjoy your shopping experience with Genii Retail Therapy and please feedback to us about our site, our products, any new product ideas you think would be useful for us the sell on our site and will will go and source them for you. Likewise if you have an interesting product let us know too as we are always looking to expand our supplier network.  Please contact us here.

Wishing you a lovely day and a wonderful life :)

Team Genii